“Violence” in the Classroom

This morning as I was doing the proverbial parent dance of balancing meal preparation, wiping counters, and stuffing backpacks with clothes and books, my eight-year-old son charged at me and slapped me hard on my back. I winced from the pain and shock, because having been preoccupied by the chaos

Caring in French

The theme of this issue of Perspectives is “Safe and Caring Schools.” There’s no doubt that the concept of safe schools transcends language issues: all students must feel safe at all times. In this respect, French and English schools alike experience the same realities. Yet for French-language schools in minority

Creating a gender inclusive school culture

Privilege. When most people hear the word “privilege” they automatically assume a negative context, an oppression of some sorts. That is not the case. Privilege can be examined in many aspects, and is something that everyone has in some form—20/20 vision, perfect hearing, able bodied, cisgender, straight… As a cisgender

Think Globally – Act Globally

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF-FCE) and its Member organizations have made safety in schools a priority. Likewise, Ministries of Education in most, if not all, provinces and territories have invested in curricula and professional learning to promote “safe and caring schools”. Here at home, policies, protocols and programs have been